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RegScan v1.26b

Author: Rook
Last Updated: 25.06.01

RegScan is a tool for System Administators to examine what boots at Windows startup. With this program the User can view the started programs, which could be the programs breaking the copyrights or the programs installed by the spies.

Download here (128 kb). Downloaded 16191 times.
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TFakeDll v1.1

Author: Dr.Golova
Last Updated: 06.06.02

TFakeDll - is a Delphi object, the purpose of which is to include 32bit 3rd party libraries (dll) into your own executable(Win32 PE Exe) which must be also written in Delphi.

Download here (49 kb). Downloaded 11824 times.

PE Optimizer v1.3

Author: Dr.Golova
Last Updated: 15.10.01

This program is for optimization of Win32 PE files.
Algorithm of this program is simple:
1) All relocations are cut, THEY ARE NOT NEEDED IN EXE FILES.
2) Alignment of PE header is reduced to the minimal secure value (16 bytes), all rubbish is deleted from the header as well.
3) Alignment of header and all sections is reduced to its minimal secure value (200h bytes), this way - all empty sections are erased. Only presense of sections is deleted, records about them in headers are not deleted, so after loading of file into the memory it will be the same as the one before optimization.
Sources are included.

Download here (69 kb). Downloaded 16929 times.

TCP Logger v2.20

Author: KMiNT21
Last Updated: 07.06.01

This program is mainly for research of protocols based on TCP protocol (http, pop3, smtp, etc.), but it can also be used for research of servers, services and scripts.

Download here (30 kb). Downloaded 22300 times.
Download sources here (24 kb). Downloaded 12748 times.

Edialer Password Decryptor/Cracker v1.0

Author: XOR
Last Updated: 10.09.01

This is Edialer password decryptor.
Edialer(EType Internet Dialer) is an advanced dialer that has lots of functions. This program is made to show how weak the encryption algorythm in Edialer is.

Download here (10 kb). Downloaded 15828 times.

DLL Rebaser v1.0

Author: Dr.Golova
Last Updated: 03.08.01

This program is for changing "loading address" of Win32 PE files.
How this program works:
All relocations in a file are recounted to make it possible to load a file under a different address, therefore ImageBase is changed, check-sum is cleared in the header.
What is this all for?:
Very often, compilers allocate the same preferred loading address for all DLLs, if there is more than one DLLs compiled - their loading address will conflict with each other. This is why Operating System has to recount relocations during each loading to let each module load in an emty address. This slowes down process of loading the program. Using this tool you can change preferred addresses of loading in DLLs to different ones and if in this case DLLs are not conflicting during loading, then relocation sections can be removed completely, thus reducing the size of a module.
Sources are included.

Download here (91 kb). Downloaded 9815 times.

Keyboard Grabber (KBG) v1.0

Author: MHV
Last Updated: 31.08.01

This program is a keyboard spy that logs all keystrokes.
Also, there several extra Bonus functions in the program:
1) Discovery of passwords hidden under ***** and their recording in to the log file.
2) Blocking of the keyboard for other programs.
3) Discovery and recording of buffer when Ctrl+v is pressed, given that the data in buffer includes text info.

Warning: This program is detected by antivirus software as a Trojan. Download and use at your own risk!

Download here (186 kb). Downloaded 30178 times.

UnPassword 95 v1.0

Author: KMiNT21
Last Updated: 31.10.01

A simple SMB password bruteforcer, works with a dictionary.
UnPassword is a supplement to this article.

Download here (255 kb). Downloaded 28002 times.

Program Hunter v1.0

Author: йцукенг и Ко.
Last Updated: 14.03.02

This program is for sysadmins - for the ones who are against users playing games during office hours.
Sources are included.

Download here (24 kb). Downloaded 13501 times.

PE Tools

This is a fully-functional utility for working with PE/PE +(64bit) files. Including: Editor PE of files, Task Viewer, Win32 PE files optimizer, detector of compiler/packer and many other things.

Homepage: http://www.uinc.ru/files/neox/PE_Tools.shtml

Process Killer v1.2 build 252

Author: buLLet
Last Updated: 01.12.02

A very small program for management of processes on your OS (Win 9x/NT/2000). Just press STOP or double click and selected file will be pulled out(killed) from your system.
Sources are included.

Download here (112 kb). Downloaded 13716 times.

UINC KeyLogger v1.0

Author: KMiNT21
Last Updated: 22.12.02

This is our new release of UINC KeyLogger. It is one of the best FREE KeyLoggers on the net, because it is very small and takes minimum memory on your system.
What a great tool to backup all that precious data you type every day or to spy on someone else!

Warning: This program is detected by antivirus software as a Trojan. Download and use at your own risk!

Download here (41 kb). Downloaded 25535 times.

BestCrypt Bruteforcer/Cracker v1.0

Author: Corbio
Last Updated: 03.02.03

This is a bruteforcer for virtual disks created by BestCrypt. Uses a premade dictionary and can process Hidden containers. First BestCrypt cracker in the world!

Download here (210 kb). Downloaded 79587 times.

Miranda ICQ Password Decryptor/Cracker v1.2

Author: NEOx
Last Updated: 24.02.03

Simple program that decrypts popular Miranda ICQ client password given any user databse from it. This is the first program in the world to do it.

Download here (4 kb). Downloaded 67075 times.

Advanced Dialup Password Recovery 1.1

Author: S0rG
Last Updated: 24.02.04

Advanced Dialup Password Recovery recovers all your RAS passwords (RAS - Remote Access Services, baisically, Dial-Up passwords).

  • Ability to send passwords by mail
  • Saves passwords to file
  • Copies passwords to clipboard
  • Works in GUI and command-line modes (if executed with one of the known parameters, it will start hidden)
  • Size: ~6 Kb

Download здесь (7 kb). Downloaded 11828 times.


Access Denied ScreenSaver v1.4

Author: Alex Agapov
Last Updated: 02.07.02

This program is used as the screen saver and it can be used as a protection of your computer from others, while you go to have a cup of tea or to have dinner, having left the computer alone. For this purpose it is enough to set the password in Settings of the screen saver. The style of the program speaks for itself - your friends will think of you as an 31137 Hacker if they see this ScreenSaver working.

Download here (282 kb). Downloaded 93127 times.
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ListSoft COOL!

uinC ScreenSaver v1.0

Author: Dr.Golova
Last Updated: 09.02.02

This ScreenSaver is dedicated to Fans of our site & team, that is www.uinc.ru. Excellent special effects!
Sources are provided.

Download here (95 kb). Downloaded 12788 times.
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Spy Clock v2.0

Author: Rook
Last Updated: 20.03.01

SpyClock is a program-assistant for homeusers, workers of corporations and firms, network administrators, programmers. First purpose of the program is protection against unauthorized access to the computer under the MS Windows. For this purpose in the program there are functions of the locking of the computer (it very conveniently, if you should depart the computer, and on it there is an information, which you would not want to lose.); functions of the spies behind the keyboard (you can see everything, that was entered from the keyboard); functions of tracing behind entered addresses in Internet Explorer (you can find out what sites were visited). The second function of the program allows to control processes in memory and to determine its free size. Program represented as electronic hours, which you can arrange in any part of a desktop Windows.

Download here (557 kb). Downloaded 19341 times.
ListSoft GOOD!

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